The Islamisation of my Country – 1

For work I often sit in my hometown’s coffee shop.

Today, my newsfeed began to explode with posts about the French Burkini incident and the sudden outcry from liberals in staunch defence of ‘freedom’ and ‘liberty’. It is so irritating to actual proponents of freedom and liberty, who are constantly battling the ambitions of the left, when the left takes up freedom as its cause. Of course, it only does so in the defence of perceived minority, or ‘victim’, groups and often over the most insane of issues – the burkini being such a said cause… ie. the tribal robes of an authoritarian cult that ideologically demands of women that they cover up every inch of their flesh, or else be persecuted in this life socially or by the state, or failing that abjectly through some internalised moral code or in some fictitious imagined torturous afterlife. Oh, but how dare western nations challenge this logical and most ‘free’ and ‘liberal’ of traditions! The outrage!

This is a case in point of what happens when we have the mass immigration to western nations of peoples who wish to retain their own cultures, beliefs, and values, and have little to no plans or volition to truly integrate. In other words, they want the material benefits but without adopting any of the cultural or social values that generated them.

Any effort by host governments to push for the cultural integration of immigrants is immediately vilified… The left demands that we turn off the enquiring part of our brain, that we must disregard the state of the failed authoritarian anti-liberal nations from which these cultists have fled, and pretend that their structure and existence is completely unrelated to Islam. Islamic theocratic authoritarian regimes based heavily on millennia old religious scripture, no, that is not the fault of Islam…

The immigrants are as AIDs sufferers who after having contracted the virus continue to pursue further sexual relationships, and who in so doing continue to practice unsafe sex with their new lovers, claiming “this virus is benign.” Those in the West who are publicly aligning themselves with Islam, who are calling out for the tolerance of Burkas and of Sharia and other such symptoms of the cult, are as their lovers, who so blindly in love with their AIDs victim, overcome with emotion and idealism, believe that their noble intentions will somehow bestow upon them resistance to the disease. Yes, the analogy is befitting.

This chain of thoughts instantly railing through my mind at one-hundred miles an hour, I looked up from my laptop for respite. Surely here, in rural Britain, on the outskirts of the anglo-saxon capital of the world, I would be free of such barbaric middle age practices. Yet I was confronted with the following images:

Is that Darth Vader holding the child’s hand? Look. Take off the cultural-marxist goggles. These outfits are terrifying! Physically they are terrifying, much scarier than the majority of halloween costumes, but even more so they invoke terror because of what they represent. It strikes you that this is real; that they are real people under those sheets; that they think that this is good and right; that this condition is normal. You realise that one of them is a teenage girl, the other her mother; that in an act of teenage rebellion the teenage girl has donned a burka in a dull greyish colour, a burka intentionally not black. And also by the overweight, elderly, bearded, sweaty man sitting alongside his family who is  clothed nonchalantly and without guilt in western attire… Him enjoying in his short sleeved shirt, with his collar unbuttoned, the most basic of delights in life that he denies on moral grounds from the women whom he supposedly loves; the feeling of a gentle breeze of fresh air on skin, the warmth of gazing upon others and being gazed back upon with recognition, a bilateral communication and interaction with surrounding fellow human beings… acknowledgement of one’s own very existence, in the flesh, to have one’s face, eyes, cheekbones, lashes perceived and perhaps admired or praised by those around you.

The height of British fashion

The teenage daughter… my heart wept. And shamefully, I suppressed my urge to angrily reproach the father, to ask the daughter if she is happy, if her life is good, if this is indeed her choice.


Horrified, I noticed that the man sitting adjacent was studying the Quran, scribbling franticly in earnest devotion in his native arabic script (oh yes, English is not his native script, though he no doubt claims British citizenry).

I made a swift exit. Only to be confronted by this beautiful scenery as I was walking home…


The Islamisation of England is well underway my friends. And there is nothing liberal or free about it. It is a cultural invasion, a cultural assault, and make no mistake; they have no intention of integrating or of leaving their primitive cultures, traditions, and political systems behind. They want them here too, and not in the far distant future, but now.



The Islamisation of Dewsbury


This is Dewsbury, in West Yorkshire, in England, in 2016.

You can find references to Dewsbury (Deusberie) in the Domesday book of 1086.

A sleepy mill town in England now has, going by 2011 census data, the first majority Muslim areas in England.

Savile Town, the location in which this video was shot, was said to have just 48 white people living there in 2015 out of a population of over 4,000.

It was the home of the inventor of the medical thermometer; the first female Speaker of the House of Commons; and a Nobel physicist. It was even featured in the Beatles’ movie – Magical Mystery Tour – in 1967.

Sir Thomas Clifford Allbutt (1836 – 1925) inventor of the clinical thermometer

But you would be hard-pressed to find any semblance of Britain left in this area today.

This isn’t necessarily an indictment of all immigration, but it is a stark warning against uncontrolled, unchecked, mass migration, with zero integration. Not only is Islam not British, but as a potent mixture of collectivism and mysticism, and inherently tied to the Arabic race, it aspires to impose itself on Western non-believers through political power.

I will write more on Islam in the future. But this video footage shocked me. It is becoming increasingly apparent that Britain needs to reclaim its sense of self-worth before it is too late.