The Passing of the Great Race ~ 1

The Evolution of the Nordic Race

“The vigor and power of the Nordic race as a whole is such that it could not have been evolved in so restricted an area as southern Sweden although its Teutonic or Scandinavian section did develop there in comparative isolation. The Nordics must have had a larger field for their specialization and a longer period for their evolution than is afforded by the limited time which has elapsed since Sweden became habitable. For the development of so marked a type there is required a continental area isolated and protected for long ages from the intrusion of other races. The climactic conditions must have been such as to impose a rigid elimination of defectives through the agency of hard winters and the necessity of industry and foresight in providing the year’s food, clothing and shelter during the short summer. Such demands on energy if long continued would produce a strong, virile and self-contained race which would inevitably overwhelm in battle nations whose weaker elements had not been purged by the conditions of an equally severe environment.”

The work hard ethic and thoughtful nature of whites as a whole is obvious when compared to other races. The question is often posed; why has it been whites, most notably from the North-Western region of Europe, who have contributed the most when it comes to industry, entrepreneurship, and statecraft?

Over a century ago, Madison Grant proposed his evolutionary hypothesis, that the Nordic whites, a subspecies of man that evolved wholly in the European region, evolved through natural selection to think ahead and to live in an industrious manner so as to cope with the long and imposing winters of northern climes.

The closer to the equator a subspecies of man developed, the less industrious it seems to be is his culture, or arguably his personal temperament. Madison squarely and bravely argued, back in a time when race and human heredity was still deemed to be a noble academic pursuit, that the Nordic strain (most easily characterised by blonde hair, blue eyes, prominent bridge, long nose, and tall stature) evolved to demonstrate these cultural behaviours. In the same way that skin, eye-colour, and stature moulded to fit the climate, so did individual behaviour. Those who failed to plan ahead, work hard, and sacrifice their self-pleasure for the community, were killed off over a period of many millennia or were unsuccessful at passing forward their genetic blueprint.

Over the next few weeks I will continue to read through Madison’s “The Passing of the Great Race, and on occasion I will share those extracts that give me cause for reflection.


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